Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting



Introduction Of PMER

Planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting are 4 different tools of program management. They are meant to influence decision-making.


PRC has a strong tradition in PMER, almost all projects implemented by the PRC have log frame, and are well-monitored, evaluated and reported. However, these differ from department to department and between programs of PRC, in terms of terminology, definitions, tools and approaches. Furthermore, as an increasing number of bilateral projects are implemented with diverse partners, PRC project staff has to contend with a variety of PMER approaches and tools. 

Roll of PMER in PRC 

  1. Establish and promote the culture of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  2. Build capacity of PRC program managers on program planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
  3. Collect and analyze monthly progress and share with PRC management for informed decision-making.
  4. Keep record of donor funding, track progress, and compile reports for PRC management and donors.
  5. Take lead in program planning, conduct monitoring and review the progress of all PRC program.
  6. Working together across all programs, particularly Finance, OD and Communication.
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