Public Image and Communication

Media & Communications
Media & Communications1
Enhance the image and visibility of PRCS by adopting effective and viable communication mechanisms, augmenting credibility and greater public acceptability for maximum humanitarian benefits, and increased fundraising.

Since the establishment of Communication & Humanitarian Values and Media departments, the Society’s humanitarian services have been projected through regular publications of its Quarterly Magazines, Brochures, Special Reports, Annual Reports, IEC Material, development of Short Films/Documentaries and by updating the PRCS website.  A wide coverage of the Society’s relief and reconstruction operations has been made through national as well as international media channels. Interviews with senior management were telecasted on the top national and international electronic channels. Wide news coverage was also facilitated to enhance the PRCS image nationwide and worldwide.
Key Directions:
  • Build up a strong and well-equipped communication department at NHQ and small communication units at the Society’s Provincial Headquarters.
  • Communication, Media and Information Technology (IT) Departments are to be integrated for result oriented endeavours/initiatives.
  • The PRCS website re-developed with the latest technology so that benefits of modern ways of dissemination and fundraising are capitalised.
  • Effective communication and dissemination skills are increased at all levels of the organisation (NHQ, PHQ and District levels).
  • PRCS FM Station is established for wider projection of PRCS activities and supporting financial self-reliance pursuits.
  • A library is developed for storing, equipping and providing necessary information to the visitors as well as for the Society’s own proper archive.
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