Health Care in Danger

Violence against healthcare workers, facilities and patients is one of the most serious and under-recognized and wide spreading humanitarian challenge affecting individuals, families and communities. In recent years, the frequency and severity of attacks on healthcare workers, patients, hospitals and clinics globally have increased. Health care workers in public sector hospital setting in Pakistan are frequently exposed to aggression and violence & it is associated with many adverse consequences including high level of stress. Appropriate preventive measures including occupational support are required to make hospitals safer environment. The impacts of violence are immense, ranging from resulting in injury, psychological harm to human toll.

Health Care in Danger is an initiative of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to make access to and delivery of health care safer in armed conflict or other emergencies. It focuses on the problems caused by attacks, illegal obstruction, discrimination and armed entry and the consequences these have on the wounded and sick, for health structures, for the health personnel and for medical transport.

The Health Care in Danger Project – PRC is conducting a baseline survey to build better contextual understanding of dynamics of violence against health care professionals and ambulance services in selected districts of Punjab province. The main project priorities for the year 2016 are to bring behavioral change among health care professionals and risk groups to enhance resilience and decrease vulnerability towards violence, raise dignity and positive image of Health Care Professionals and respect for the ambulance services / associated professionals among general public.

Besides, the HCiD project will also extend its support to other PRC program staff in ensuring safety, security, acceptance and perception of general masses for the staff and services of PRC for developing resilient communities at large.

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