Capacity Development

org Development

org Development1

It is critical that PRC develop standardized approaches and support systems for its activities and ensure accountability and learning in an effective manner. The priority for PRC is to strengthen institutional capacity building, support systems and internal procedures within the following areas:

PRC will work for a unified constitution as to strengthen its leading humanitarian role as auxiliary to the Government in humanitarian services.

 Legal/ Constitution Related Issues

Resource Development, Mobilization & Fundraising

Branch Development

 Attain greater financial sustainability and self-reliance by diversifying and expanding the existing financial base through the adoption of a proactive marketing strategy and diversified income generation ventures. At the local level, where the PRC branch forms part of the community preparedness and response structure, building capacity through branch and volunteer development directly contributes to community resilience.

Capacity Building and Organizational Development is integrated with other programmes of the National Society. Organizational Development includes the following components:

 1)      Branch Development: The OD programme includes this component which is a priority set by the PRC – to establish a network of district branches in identified vulnerable districts throughout Pakistan. The PRC has so far established 92 district branches in different parts of the country including one Regional Branch, one in Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA).

 2)      Institutional Capacity Building: For Institutional Capacity Building, the Society is undertaking two major studies, i.e., the Management Audit/HR Restructuring and Up gradation of Financial and Audit Manual. The institutional capacity includes development of unified constitution which is in process.

 3)       Resource Development, Mobilization and Fundraising: For financial self reliance and projection of work done by Pakistan Red Crescent Society, the Marketing and Fundraising department has been established. For image building of the PRC, the PRC launched different programmes for fundraising. The department targets corporate and people from all walks of life to raise funds for maintaining a sustainable financial base.

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