Restoring Family Links




Restoring Family Links is a key area of cooperation between the PRC and the ICRC over the years. It needs to be activated as the citizens of Pakistan can greatly benefit from this program locally and internationally. At present there is no helpline in the country where any person could get the information or assistance if any member of the family gets lost. Under this program PRC shall start the LOST helpline where any person can call to report their sought family member. Depending on the circumstances of separation, the helpline will orient the requesters to most appropriate RFL services. He will be either put in contact with nearby PRC RFL staff all over Pakistan or referred to public hospital if it is likely that sought relatives might be admitted due to any accident, emergency or disaster. The network of RFL volunteers present in all public hospitals will as well ensure continuity between the service provided on line and a proximity to the patients and their families.

Under the Restoring Family Links Strategy for the International Red Cross and Red Cross Movement 2008–2018, all the Movement’s components pledged to strengthen their RFL capacity, including in natural disasters/emergencies. PRC is committed to play a central role in RFL response at all time in Pakistan.

Program summary

In order to enhance the PRC efforts to ensure an efficient and organized delivery of RFL and psychological first aid to people of Pakistan whenever needed, the PRC, with the support of ICRC and as a member of global RC/RC network, feel the need that a separate RFL telephonic service that should be established for peace and disaster times. The RFL helpline service, called LOST helpline 1030, will integrate a Psychological First Aid component to better address the needs of beneficiaries. In this regard, a RFL call center is established in NHQ in Disaster Management Logistic Center.

The LOST Helpline will be comprised of dedicated and trained RFL persons as well as trained psychologists available on call 24/7. This center will not only work in times of disasters and emergencies but shall also be working throughout the year (Peace time).

Lost Helpline will establish a link that does not exist in today’s Pakistan, between Patients admitted in hospitals and their relatives. Through Lost call center and a network of volunteers present in all public hospitals in Pakistan, PRC will facilitate information flow between newly admitted patients and families looking for them.

The Helpline will amalgamate the RFL and psychological services of PRC for the people of Pakistan, providing them with on call help and guidance based on the principle of Changing Minds, Saving Lives, Uniting People

 General Objective

 PRC Lost Helpline 1030 is an additional service to existing RFL services that is available to everyone in Pakistan at all time and all circumstances. Its specificity is to establish a link between patients admitted in public hospitals and their families looking for them. It addresses the first PSP needs of callers thanks to Lost RFL Operator PSP background. It allows a link between PRC RFL PSP and Health programs in Pakistan that contributes to more comprehensive and holistic understanding and visibility of PRC to people in Pakistan. 

  1. Provide free of cost Restoring Family Links services to callers with Psychological first aid.
  2. In addition to currently existing RFL services, establish a link between people admitted in hospital and their relatives in Pakistan.
  3. Provide RFL services with Psychological first aid to patients and families in all public hospitals in Pakistan through network of RFL volunteers in Hospitals.
  4. Enhance PRC visibility through Lost Helpline, RFL volunteers in Hospitals and public communication. Through these, promote PRC at large and other movement services (PSP, ambulance, HCiD, 1st aid etc.).
  5. Develop and provide referral mechanisms that allow referring callers to other relevant service providers in Pakistan (PRC, ICRC, NS, INGOs, Govt. services etc.).




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