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While the impacts of Climate Change have engulfed Pakistan we see an Increasing frequency of natural disasters (natural and man-made). In addition, the growing security challenges have proportionately increased has compelled all of us to take extraordinary safety measures in every walk of life.

These recent natural and manmade disasters have negatively impacted educational institutions including schools, students and teachers. It is critical that school-based DRR programming be prioritized and to work with teachers, communities and children and involve them in planning to build resilience within and outside the schools ensuring that all children receive education in a protective environment.

Realizing its responsibility as an auxiliary Organization of the Government, the Pakistan Red Crescent has embarked on developing a wholesome program for the safety of the children in schools and other education institutions. This will be a national program and named as “School Safety Program”. This program is aimed to provide guidance and facilitation for maintaining minimum standards of safety and promote “Safety Culture” for the staff and children of the Schools.

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