Climate Change Adaptation

Pakistan ranks as one of the top ten countries most dramatically affected by climate change (Global Climate Risk Index 2017). This means that the various negative effects of climate change are felt in many places, particularly the increased intensity and frequency of extreme weather events such as droughts, torrential rain, and heat waves are felt. The negative effects of climate change and the arguably disjointed framework conditions make it difficult for Pakistan to make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations.

The introduction and development of a Climate Change Programme under PRCS aims to break the vicious cycle of disaster vulnerability – ignorance – low resilience – and poverty.

Strengthening the capacities of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in the area of climate-sensitive disaster risk management and structures of the PRCS and essential actors in the area of climate-smart DRM, Climate Advocacy and Coordination for Resilient Action (CACRA) has been initiated under Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Unit working under Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and funded by German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Project has been designed to strengthen resilience and to minimize the negative effects of recurring crises and shocks on the affected population in Pakistan. Established in September 2017, CACRA leads to increase awareness and enhance skills in regards to climate change and the corresponding adaptation strategies or DRM tools on the micro, meso, and macro level.

The project has the following three intended results:

  1.  PRCS will have contributed to improved coordination and development of contextualised tools to address climate change issues at regional, national and local levels.
  2. PRCS will have established internal structures and enhanced its capacities in the area of climate change and climate-smart programming.
  3. Vulnerable rural and urban target communities will have improved knowledge of climate change, adaptive measures and strengthened coordination with relevant local stakeholders.

Programme Manager CCA

Ms. Javeria Nazir

Programme Officer CCA

SanaUllah Khan

Consultant CCA

Khadija Abid