Cash Transfer Program
Cash Transfer Program

Cash Transfer Program


Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) is a form of humanitarian response which can be used to address the basic needs and/or to protect, establish or re-establish livelihoods or economic productive activities.

Under the programme, cash, cheques, vouchers etc. are given to the beneficiaries to help them recover their livelihoods after disasters.

The PRC, supported by the ICRC, first used the CTP in 2007 with provision of Cash for Work (CfW) in Muzaffarabad to help people rehabilitate canals and watermills.

Conditional cash grants of Rs30,000 were also provided for small business start-ups to 821 recipients in Buner, Lower & Upper Dir and Swat in 2010 and 2011.

From 2008 to 2011, the PRC and ICRC also supported 755 Micro Economic Initiatives (MEIs) in AJK, linked to strengthening livelihoods and supporting awareness and integration of people with disabilities.

Cash was also distributed during emergencies in one district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and one agency of Fata during the 2010 floods. In total, 4,000 households were assisted, with Rs10,000 provided per household.

Cash transfers were first used by the PRC on a larger scale within the Integrated Recovery Programme (IRP) following the 2013 floods.

Conditional cash grants were provided to support shelter and latrine reconstruction in Punjab and Sindh and restarting livelihoods in Punjab, Sindh and the KP.


  • To provide timely support and effective response to the diverse needs of the affected population
  • To preserve people’s dignity, provide more flexibility and encourage their participation in deciding how and when the cash will be spent
  • To contribute towards recovery of markets and revitalization of local economies, which aligns with the PRC’s do-no-harm and build back better approaches


Main Achievements

  • Tools and SoPs for the CTP have been developed.
  • NHQ and Branch staff have been trained in CTP.
  • Two CTP pilot projects have been implemented.

Program Manager CTP

Mr. Muhammad Amin
Email: pm.ctp@prcs.org.pk