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Logistics Support

Logistics Support


The present PRC logistics setup covers all basic logistic functions and operations at the NHQ, provincial and district levels.

In line with the PRC Strategy 2020, there is a dedicated logistics department at the headquarters level which manages procurement services, fleet, general logistics and warehousing of four national warehouses, in the country. Strategic stocks are pre-positioned all over the country to meet any unforeseen emergencies and disasters. The strategic stocks comprise 11 basic Non-Food Items (NFIs) as per geographical and cultural needs of people. The provincial branches together with their respective district branches and Disaster Management cells operate seven provincial warehouses and around 36 districts warehouses.

At the headquarters level, Logistics Department is part of the Disaster Management and Logistics Center (DMLC) set up at the National Headquarters (NHQ) and is headed by National Logistics Coordinator who reports directly to National Program Coordinator. This setup facilitates direct communications, interaction and synchronization between the DM and logistics functions during peace time and emergencies.

The IFRC and ICRC logistics also provided supporting services to the National Society during emergencies and disasters. The National Society is also supported in term of NFIs, food items and livelihood activities.

 Capacity of PRC Logistics

Four national level warehouses fully equipped with all modern tools and equipment. The staff is trained in warehouse management and inventory control. Warehousing issue/receipt SOPs are placed and implemented with proper training at the national level. The IFRC provided tool Logistics Inventory Control, (LOGIC) is fully implemented at the national level warehouses however, at branch level still it needs to be implemented after proper coaching.

Seven provincial level warehouses partially equipped with modern tools and equipment. Training of the staff is conducted every year. All branch warehouses have been provided with computers and required equipment to ensure better inventory control.

The Logistics Department at the NHQ level signs an agreement with professional transport companies on yearly basis for smooth operation of road transport during emergencies.

It is pertinent to mention here that during flood 2011 operations, the National Headquarter was able to despatch more than 80 trucks within three days to flood-affected areas on the request of provincial branch. Likewise, 150 trucks were despatched within one week.

The department also maintains a list of pre-qualified professional suppliers having the capacity to supply goods and services on short notice during an emergency. The department has developed a mutual understanding with the “CSD Pakistan, Utility Stores Corporations and Metro Cash & Carry”.

Program Manager Logistics

M. Amin Khan

Program Officer Logistics
Email: po.log@prcs.org.pk