Organizational Development

Organisational Development


Strategic Objective
Support sustainable and systematic processes at all levels to ensure efficient execution of the PRC vision and mission.
It is critical that the Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) develop standardized approaches and support systems for its activities to ensure accountability and learning in an effective manner. The PRC priority is to strengthen institutional capacity building, support systems and internal procedures in the following areas.

  1. Legal/ Constitution related Issues
    The PRC will work for a unified constitution to strengthen its leading humanitarian role as an auxiliary to the government in humanitarian services.
  2. Sustainability, Resource Mobilization & Membership Drive
    Attain greater financial sustainability and self-reliance by diversifying and expanding the existing financial base through adoption of a proactive marketing strategy and diversified income generation ventures.
  3. Branch Development
    At the local level, where the PRC branch forms part of community preparedness and response structure building capacity through branch and volunteer development which directly contributes to community resilience.
  4. Human Resource (HR)
    Maintain lean and efficient pool of human resource.
    Define PRC core and project staff.
    Ensure a coherent and market compatible salary structure, allowances and insurances.
    Develop smart JDs for core and project staff that provides reference point for assignment of responsibilities, compensation and performance evaluation.
    Develop HR policies and procedures that address disparity and gender representation.
    Develop an Organizational Chart with a clear chain of command.
    Ensure organizational culture in keeping with that of a humanitarian organization.
    Capacity building of staff and volunteers through training.
    Career development and job security.
  5. Finance
    Standardized finance management information system.
    Development of efficient financial procedures and internal control mechanisms.
    Establish lean and efficient systems in finance and administration.

Main Achievements

  • Improved the visibility of the PRC through procurement of jackets, caps and other visibility material. Also, small scale image-building activities were conducted in different districts like medical camps, cricket matches etc
  • Organized a partnership meeting, where several Partner National Societies were the invited and market place was set up and PRC presented different programs and ideas for Partner National Societies (PNSs) to support
  • A Planning and Budgeting Exercise was conducted for preparation of the PRC annual plan and budget, which shall be utilized for preparation of budget with the donors.
  • A BOCA refresher for the international participants, Training of Trainers for the national participants and BOCA analysis training was successfully conducted
  • System development was supported through development of HR, Finance, IT, PMER etc
  • The Red Cross Society of China showed interest in development of PRC infrastructure along the CPEC route and all the facilitation was offered in this regard
  • Five-year strategy and roadmap for the PRC was prepared in consultation with all the provincial branches
  • Establishment and support of a Vocational Training Center for sustainability of the branch.

Raja Rehan Arif

Deputy Director OD
Email: po.od@prcs.org.pk