Restoring Family Links


Whenever people are separated from, or without news of, their loved ones as a result of an emergency or other situations requiring a humanitarian response, Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) responds efficiently and effectively by mobilizing its local network of trained staff and volunteers, and the international family-links network, comprised of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC and all Red Cross & Red Crescent national societies.

In times of crisis, people turn to their families. For most people, families are the most important coping mechanism that exists. The role of the PRCS is to restore and maintain contact between family members that makes a real difference in people’s lives. The PRCS strives to reconnect family-links by offering free of charge telephone calls, exchange of verbal and written messages, websites adapted to the specific situation, responding to individual tracing requests and by reuniting families whenever possible.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has long-standing experience and extensive expertise in restoring family-links. Through its local and worldwide network, it can provide services across national borders in full transparency and with the consent of the authorities concerned. Therefore, the PRCS is in a unique position; It has the most extensive local reach, being present nationwide and a global one with the potential to assist people who are separated from their families, wherever they may be. PRCS adopts the same skills and approaches of the Family-Links network, to ensure that its RFL services are consistent and effective as in the rest of the world.

We help restore contact between family members:
The PRCS together with the ICRC and National Societies abroad help those in Pakistan restore and maintain contact with family members anywhere through the exchange of Red Cross messages and launch of tracing requests.

This service is provided:
• For those who have lost contact with close relatives due to a humanitarian crisis;
• When other means of communication (telephone, postal system, etc.) are disrupted or not available;
• For separated or unaccompanied children;
• For detainees visited by the ICRC abroad who have families in Pakistan;
• In other situations of humanitarian need, whenever possible.

Trace the Face Website

For those who lost contact with relatives in Europe, the first step to look for your relative is to check the Trace the Face online site https://familylinks.icrc.org/europe/en/Pages/Home.aspx. Migrants who have arrived in Europe and are looking for relatives have their photos posted here.


In Pakistan, anyone who has lost contact with a family member in Europe, the PRCS with the support of the ICRC, offers a possibility to publish their photo on Trace the Face website.

Successful Family reunifications through PRCS:
1. Islamabad/Salzbourg: Zainab is reunited with her dad
2. Pakistan: Reuniting separated children with their families
3. Afghanistan: Parents anguish turns to joy on seeing their children again



Our Restoring Family-Links services are free of charge, confidential and in the respect of data protection laws.
We work with you to search for and locate your family and loved ones.

Mr. Muneeb Illyas

Program Manager RFL
Email: pm.rfl@prcs.org.pk

Ms. Sana Anwar Gul

Program Officer RFL
Email: po.rfl@prcs.org.pk