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Water and Sanitation

Water & Sanitation


The aim of the PRC WatSan program is to reduce the transmission of faeco-oral diseases and exposure to diseases by vectors through 1) promotion of good hygiene practices, 2) provision of safe drinking water, and 3) reduction in environmental health risks.

In this regard, the PRC water and Sanitation Programme is an integrated approach made up of three components – hygiene promotion, sanitation and water supply.

The PRC to utilize the experience and expertise gained in recent years by developing longer term programming in areas of high vulnerability, focusing within 20 most vulnerable districts according to PRC mapping.

Key Directions

  • Saving lives and strengthening recovery from disasters and epidemic through emergency water and sanitation intervention.
  • Enabling a healthy and safe living through sustainable developmental water, sanitation and hygiene promotion.
  • The PRC water and sanitation team strives to integrate activities with other aspects of the health department to increase effectiveness on ground both in disaster response activities and longer-term development work.
  • Building the organization’s capacity by training staff and key leaders in WSDRT, PHAST, and training in RDRT, ERU, the preposition of water and sanitation equipment and stocks in priority areas, and the development of key policies and manuals to ensure quality and consistency of activities.

Main Achievements

  • Deployed 1 x PRC staff member as RDRT wash to supply drought response in Vietnam
  • Rehabilitated 11 water supply schemes in Mansehra, Neelam & Bagh districts
  • Constructed permanent structure latrines in Sanghar district
  • Rehabilitation of pedestrian bridge in Mansehra district
  • Constructed 3 x foot track in Bagh district and 1 foot track in Neelum
  • Rehabilitated dispensary in Bagh Khan Jatoi (Sanghar district)
  • Constructed link road at Chata Bata village (Mansehra district)
  • Constructed a protection wall in Kasabpura (Neelum district)
  • PRC district branch buildings being constructed in Neelum & Bagh

Faisal Khan

Program Manager Water & Sanitation
Email: pm.wash@prcs.org.pk