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Youth & Volunteers

Youth & Volunteers


Volunteers are the backbone of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. The involvement of youths and volunteers plays a vital role in carrying out the Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC) activities and maintaining strong links and regular interaction with the communities.

Volunteers are dedicated, motivated and devoted people ready to make a difference in the lives of many. They act as a catalyst of change in the society. The Youth and Volunteer Department provides the right channel by those who strive to improve the lives of the vulnerable.

The PRC through the International Federation of Red Cross’s (IFRC) extended outreach partnership strengthens its existing volunteer body and also contributes significantly to the IFRC global initiative of “1-billion coalition for resilience”. The PRC has established youth clubs in different institutions where they conduct youth related programs such as Youth as Youth as an Agent Behaviour Change (YABC) & Youth development training programs.

The youth and volunteer department also trains volunteers for National Disaster Response Teams (NDRTs), Emergency Response Teams (ERTs), Branch Disaster Response Teams (BDRTs) & District Disaster Response Teams (DDRTs) in all districts to strengthen the disaster response capacities. Currently, the PRC has a base of 1.8 million volunteers countrywide and aims to take this volunteer base to 5 million.

Core Activities

  • Promote a culture of healthy and safe living in the community.
  • Prepare and respond to any emergency or disaster.
  • Hazard profiling and mitigation efforts in their own area.
  • Cleanliness drives to reduce spread of disease.
  • Awareness campaigns to promote road safety.
  • Perform duties during community congregations i.e. Muharram, Rabi-ul-Awal and Eids.
  • “Go Green” – tree plantation and related activities.
  • Promote a culture of peace, tolerance and non-violence through Community Watch.


Main Achievements

  • Three international awards:

  1. Volunteer management in emergencies 2011
  2. Youth on the move award “ Healthy Wealthy Pakistan” 2013
  3. Volunteering in emergencies 2015
  • Approx 70 international exposures and scholarships

  • 5 YABC national level

  1. 200 peer educators
  2. 4 trainers
  3. 10,000 YABC learners
  • 2,000 active volunteers insurance per year

  • 100 youth clubs all over Pakistan

  • Best volunteers awards

Program Manager Y&V

Mr. Misbha Mushtaq

Program Officer Y&V
Email: po.yv@prcs.org.pk