Reflection of devotion, compassion, selfless caring, patience and determination are the characteristics of a Volunteer. Volunteerism truly represents humanity that reinforces one’s belief in selfless service, kindness, and altruism, even in troublesome times, rising above all the prejudices. Volunteerism is an impregnable strength of a nation. Our religion Islam also reinforces this massage of selfless services. It reiterates the need to give without condition and to live one’s life illuminating the world for the less fortunate. Volunteers like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Lady Diana and Mother Teresa have been elegized in the pages of history for their commitment to the cause of humanity. The Pakistan Red Crescent (PRC ) being the leading humanitarian organization in the country is fully committed to the development and capacity building of volunteers in the service to humanity.

PRC is a platform for all those who are resolute to make a difference in their respective communities. Bringing deprived in their respective communities. Bringing deprived and vulnerable people into a sphere of prosperous and flourishing life is a motto of PRC. Having strived for decades to develop and propound a culture of volunteerism in Pakistan, today, I am proud to record that the Society has over 220,000 highly committed volunteer base drawn from all segments of the society. The are trained and inculcated a spirit of enthusiasm in the service to humanity.

Dr Saeed Elahi, Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent

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