“Services Provided by PRCS to Support Communities”

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“Humanitarian Initiatives by Pakistan Red Crescent: Volunteer Engagement, Blood Collection, and First Aid Training”

“Learn Vital First Aid Skills to Save Lives with Us”

PRCS offers first aid training programs to individuals and communities. These programs aim to equip people with essential life-saving skills, enabling them to provide immediate assistance in emergencies before professional help arrives. First aid training is vital for disaster preparedness and response.

“Be a Blood Donor to Alleviate Human Suffering”

We are actively involved in collecting and distributing blood and blood products. They operate blood banks and conduct blood donation drives across the country. This helps ensure a steady supply of safe blood for medical emergencies and surgeries.

“Become a Volunteer to Help Affected Communities”

The Pakistan Red Crescent Society relies heavily on volunteers to carry out its humanitarian work. Volunteers play a crucial role in disaster response, health promotion, community development, and other activities. PRCS often conducts recruitment drives and training programs to engage and train new volunteers.

Biparjoy Cyclone Response 2023

Red Crescent mobilizes Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) and resources to aid the affected families
Pakistan Red Crescent Society provided relief supplies including 51-kg ration package and essential household items to 10,000 families in Keti Bandr (Thatta), Badin, Sajawal and UmerKot districts of Sindh province after the assessment process

Moonson Flood Response 2022-2023

Collaborating with partners such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), and other components of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, PRCS extended assistance to more than 2.7 million people residing across 55 districts. The support encompassed life-saving essentials, including food, safe drinking water, tents, blankets, cooking utensils, medical aid, and vital cash assistance to facilitate the restoration of livelihoods.

Building Homes, Buidling Hopes

With the support of Movement partners and generous donors, Pakistan Red Crescent has initiated the construction of model houses in flood-affected areas. Our aim is to build 5000 model houses to assist families severely impacted by last year’s monsoon floods.

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