The primary objective of the RFL program is to alleviate the suffering of families by offering a range of services aimed at tracing family members, re-establishing and sustaining communication, reuniting families, and, importantly, determining the fate and location of those who remain missing. This comprehensive program operates globally, providing support to individuals affected by various crises and conflicts.

Our Operational Information

The PRCS RFL program is carried out through a dedicated team of RFL staff, strategically positioned with four members at the headquarters and one in each of the seven provinces. Additionally, a pool of around 130 RFL trained volunteers actively contributes to the program’s success on the ground. Their collective efforts enable the program to extend its reach and impact, fostering connections between separated family members.

Our Services

The RFL program encompasses a suite of services designed to address the diverse needs of families seeking to restore or maintain contact with their loved ones. These services include:

Red Cross Red & Crescent Messages (RCM)

Facilitating the exchange of family messages to maintain communication in times of crisis.

Health Platform
of Salamat

Providing a platform for health and welfare inquiries between separated family members.

RFL Services in Disasters & Emergencies

Responding swiftly to provide support during times of acute need.

RFL Services to Foreign

Extending support to those separated from their families due to detention in foreign countries.

Tracing of Family Members

Utilizing a network of dedicated professionals to locate and connect family members.

Repatriation of Released Detainees on Case-to-Case Basis

Facilitating the return of individuals to their home countries after release from detention.

Registration of Unaccompanied and Separated Children

Ensuring the well-being of vulnerable children in crisis situations.

Family Reunification of Children and Vulnerable Persons

Actively working towards reuniting families and safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Our Achievements

Over the years, the RFL program has achieved significant milestones in reuniting families, providing solace to those who have experienced the anguish of separation. Through its network of dedicated staff and volunteers, the program has successfully restored communication, located missing family members, and facilitated the reunification of families torn apart by crises.
The Restoring Family Links program stands as a testament to the humanitarian commitment of the PRCS, ICRC, and Red Cross societies worldwide, demonstrating the power of compassion and collaboration in bringing hope and healing to individuals and communities in times of dire need.

Mr. Muneeb Illyas

Deputy Director


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