VIA Road Safety Education Program


The Pakistan Red Crescent Society is leading the VIA Road Safety Education Project as a pilot program in Islamabad. With an alarming frequency of road traffic accidents causing fatalities and injuries, we are addressing road safety as a critical public health issue in Pakistan. The program focuses on enhancing road safety, promoting safer travel practices, improving vehicle safety, and increasing awareness and compliance with road safety regulations. This initiative comes at a time when Pakistan is experiencing rapid economic growth and expanding road infrastructure, providing a unique opportunity to substantially improve road safety.

Our Objectives

To reduce road-related fatalities and injuries by raising awareness among the younger generation, educators, students, and local commuters.
To establish youth clubs within educational institutions for comprehensive road safety sessions.

To collectively work towards creating a safer and more inclusive road environment that benefits everyone.

Our Outreach

The program is currently operational in Islamabad, involving 15 schools and engaging students aged 10 to 18. So far, we have successfully enrolled 900 students in this vital initiative.

Our Achievements

Enrollment of 900 students in road safety education.

Focused on reducing road-related fatalities and injuries.

Enhanced awareness of road safety among students and educators.

Establishment of youth clubs for effective implementation of road safety measures.

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