Climate Advocacy and Coordination for Resilient Action (CACRA)

Our Introduction

The Programme focus on the sustainability of the activities carried out in the 1st phase and anchor the new processes and methods in the institution. On the other hand, targeted innovative approaches will be introduced for the successful implementation of the project. This includes further strengthening PRCS’ technical capacity in climate-sensitive disaster risk management (DRM) to better support vulnerable communities affected by climate change through improved networking and expanded collaboration with other stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to, government agencies, I/NGOs, research institutions, and faith-based institutions. PRCS will expand the scope of collaboration and partnership building with relevant stakeholders. The organizational development done activity will be continued within PRCS and shared with all relevant stakeholders, including Red Cross and Red Crescent partners, to enable meaningful replication.

Our Vision

“To lead Pakistan towards a resilient, sustainable, and climate-smart future where communities are empowered to adapt and thrive in the face of climate change.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to strengthen the capacities of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) in climate-smart disaster risk management, fostering collaboration, and promoting climate resilience

Our Goals & Objectives

Capacity Building: Equip PRCS with the expertise to improve the resilience of affected communities through climate-smart DRM and enhance coordination at a national level.

Coordination and Partnerships: Strengthen coordination and partnerships in climate-smart DRM, positioning PRCS as a recognized leader in the field.

Strengthened DRM System: Develop a robust climate-smart DRM system that not only enhances our organizational capacity but also fosters networking with other stakeholders.

Community Resilience and Awareness: Contribute to community resilience by implementing climate-smart DRM policies and practices while increasing public awareness of climate change adaptation.

CACRA takes pride in the following achievements

Establishment of the Climate Change Unit (CCA)

Establishment of the Within the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), we’ve created the Climate Change Unit (CCA). This dedicated unit focuses on climate change-related initiatives, research, and disaster risk management.

Development of a Climate Change Strategy

A well-defined strategy is crucial for addressing the challenges posed by climate change. We’ve developed a robust strategy that guides our actions and helps us adapt to a changing climate. This strategy outlines our long-term goals and specific objectives.

Formulation of Policy Guidelines

We’ve developed comprehensive policy guidelines that serve as a roadmap for our climate change and disaster risk management initiatives. These guidelines provide a clear direction for our work and ensure that our efforts are aligned with international best practices.

Finalization of Training Manuals

Our commitment to capacity building is evident in the finalization of training manuals. These manuals cover climate-smart disaster risk management (DRM) and the Integrated Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (IVCA) tools.

Mobilization of Stakeholders

Engaging stakeholders is key to our success. We’ve actively mobilized stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that our initiatives benefit from a wide range of expertise and resources.

Expansion of Our Partner Network

Partnerships are central to our mission. We’ve expanded our network of partners through signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). These partnerships enable us to access additional resources and expertise to further our goals.

Mr. Sajad Ali

Deputy Director

Phone Number: 0304-1030

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