Our Introduction

Welcome to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society’s Youth & Volunteer Development Program, where the spirit of volunteerism meets the enthusiasm of our nation’s youth. We take immense pride in our rich history and a legacy of remarkable individuals who have contributed to our humanitarian mission. At the heart of our program lies a deep commitment to fostering a spirit of volunteerism and youth engagement, with a vision to shape leaders, foster positive change, and make Pakistan a safer and more compassionate place.

Our Vision

“Our vision is a Pakistan where every young individual is a leader in their community, actively contributing to humanitarian efforts and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. We aspire to shape resilient, inclusive, and empowered communities, making Pakistan a safer and more equitable place for all.”

Our Mission

“To empower and inspire the youth of Pakistan, fostering a culture of volunteerism and civic responsibility. We strive to equip them with essential life skills, challenge dogmatic traditions, and engage communities in welfare activities, creating positive change and a more compassionate society.”

Our Objectives

Our program is driven by a set of clear and impactful objectives:

Empowering Pakistani Youth:

We believe in equipping our nation’s young minds with essential life skills for personal development and community welfare. Through our program, we strive to empower the youth to become catalysts for positive change.

Instilling Civic Responsibility:

We are committed to instilling a sense of civic responsibility among our populace. We believe that by engaging with our communities, we can collectively work towards a brighter future.

Challenging Dogmatic Traditions:

Our program challenges stigmas and dogmatic traditions through introspection and education. We aim to break down barriers and create a more inclusive and equitable society.

Community Welfare Activities:

We engage communities in welfare activities through effective community mobilization tools. Our volunteers actively contribute to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Our Achievements:

Over the years, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society’s Youth & Volunteer Development Program has achieved significant milestones:

1.8 Million Volunteers:

Our program has expanded its volunteer base to a commendable 1.8 million, with active participation across 92 districts nationwide.

Humanitarian Contributions:

Our volunteers have made noteworthy contributions during times of crisis, from supporting migrants in 1947 to responding to earthquakes, floods, and other emergencies, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to humanity.

Youth Empowerment:

Through our programs and activities, we have boosted the self-esteem of countless young individuals, enhanced their sense of belonging, and provided professional training under the guidance of experienced staff.


We have forged expanded outreach partnerships to strengthen our volunteer base, significantly contributing to the IFRC Global Initiative of the ‘One Billion Coalition for Resilience.’Our

Our Projects for “Empowering Youth through Transformative Initiatives.”

Youth Engagement Program for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our ‘Youth Engagement Program for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ is making a national impact, directly benefiting thousands of young individuals and indirectly influencing even more.

VIA Road Safety Education Program

Our VIA Road Safety Education Program is engaging students aged 10 to 18 in Islamabad, aiming to make Pakistan’s roads safer and reduce road-related fatalities and injuries.

Misbah Mustaq

Assistant Director

Email: po.yv@prcs.org.pk
Contact Number: 0304-1030211

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