Our Introduction

First Aid is the flagship program of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and was the foundation of movement in 1863. Likewise PRCS has been providing First Aid services since its inception in 1947. Pakistan has been frequency faces with rampant incident of nature disaster, like earthquake or floods shattering the lives of million, where PRCS First aid promptly response. PRCS strives its best to impact how first aid can be rendered in any particular case encompassing all kinds of such emergencies where immediate response can make a difference between life and death, especially in the first golden hour after the accidents. PRCS has an aim of having “A First Aider in every home”. The organization impart first aid training to communities especially students in school and colleges and wishes to take to take this concept further for first aid to be introduced as a subject at the high school level for every tier i.e. for students, support staff and teachers eventually empowering every boy and girl will come to learn how to handle and take care of an injured or sick person in case of an emergency.


Building a world where evidence-based first aid education is universally accessible, reducing risks and promoting immediate action in emergencies.


Empower individuals through education, save lives, prevent harm, promote recovery, and build safer communities by providing immedidate facilties.

Our Outreach

National Coverage: PRCS’s presence in all five provinces and its regional branches ensures that first aid services are available across the entire country. This extensive reach allows the organization to respond quickly to emergencies and disasters, providing immediate medical assistance to those affected.
Community Engagement: PRCS actively engages with various segments of society. This outreach includes collaborating with schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, and local communities to raise awareness about the importance of first aid and to train individuals in essential first aid techniques.
First Aid Training: PRCS offers first aid training courses to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills required to respond effectively to emergencies. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including CPR, wound care, fracture management, and more.
Volunteer Engagement: PRCS relies on a dedicated team of staff and volunteers who are drawn from diverse backgrounds and communities. These volunteers play a crucial role in spreading awareness and delivering first aid services during emergencies.
Emergency Response: PRCS is well-prepared for disaster and emergency response. Its network of branches and trained volunteers ensures that immediate first aid assistance is provided to those affected by natural disasters, accidents, or other emergencies.
Public Awareness Campaigns: PRCS conducts public awareness campaigns to educate the public on the importance of first aid. These campaigns aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to save lives in critical situations.
Cross-Sector Collaboration: PRCS collaborates with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and international humanitarian organizations to enhance the reach and impact of its First Aid Program.
Advocacy and Policy Development: PRCS actively advocates for policies and regulations that promote the integration of first aid training and response mechanisms into public and private institutions, as well as within government departments.

Our Acheivements

32 Sessions in Islamabad
Each Session has 20-25 participants
800 Indviduals Trained in All Sessions

Dr. Malika Nawaz

Assistant Director-FA & PHEC

For more information and queries, please feel free to contact our programme focal point
Email: po.training@prcs.org.pk
Contact: 0092-3041030368

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