Pakistan Red Crescent Society (Urdu: ہلالِ احمر پاکستان), is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical and relief services in Pakistan. The organization was founded on 20 December 1947 after Pakistan’s independence by an order called The Pakistan Red Cross Order, issued by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, as Governor General of Pakistan. He became the founding president of the Society. It was later renamed the Red Crescent Society or the Red Crescent Order. Its national headquarters are in Islamabad.

Pakistan Red Crescent is the largest humanitarian organization in Pakistan and was formed by act of Parliament in 1947. It is working with a mission to become leading humanitarian organization of Pakistan, committed to prevent and alleviate human sufferings by mobilizing the power of humanity through volunteers.

The Society in its working draws inspiration from 7 FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

Assure respect for the individual
Alleviate and prevent suffering
Protect life and health

Actions are determined by necessity.
Tied to suffering’s severity
Prioritized by urgency.
No bias or ideology influences.

No taking sides in armed conflict
No engagement in controversies of political, racial and religious nature

Immune to political, economic, and societal pressures.
Supportive of public authorities while retaining autonomy aligned with core principles

Voluntary dedication without personal interest.
Acts driven by altruism, devoid of self-gain.

Shared global calling.
Equitable national societies united in solidarity.

One national society, open to all and active in entire country

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