Disaster Response

Disaster Response


To further develop sustainable operational capacities and capabilities of PRC in Disaster Management to effectively respond to disasters / emergencies within country and at the international level in cooperation with other stakeholders; concurrently developing communities to increase their resilience to cope with the impact of disasters in defined priority areas.


PRCS has responded to disasters since its inception in 1947. In 2002 Disaster Management (DM) became a number one priority area of PRC, leading to the establishment of the Disaster Management Department. The DM system was established at all levels of PRC from 2005 to 2008, and during 2009-2010 further extended to 40 most vulnerable districts by establishing Disaster Management Cells.

In recent times the PRC has been required to respond to frequent disasters of increasing magnitude and complexity. PRCS has subsequently built significant capacity to respond quickly and effectively.

Given the expansion of activities and development of PRC disaster management capacities, and the considerable ongoing needs and risk of disasters, PRC has decided to focus on two main thematic areas to achieve this strategic objective:

Institutional capacity building to respond more effectively to disasters

PRC understands the need for building capacity to respond rapidly and effectively, but also recognizes the requirements of coordinated yet independent action. PRCS considers Disaster Management a multi-stakeholder, multi-sectoral and multi-layered process for which the key responsibility lays with state actors, however non-state stakeholders especially development and humanitarian agencies have an important role to play. PRC believes it very important that any humanitarian response should take into account the long term implications of emergency assistance on recovery.

Mr. M. Amin

A/ Program Manager Disaster Response
Email: pm.ctp@prcs.org.pk