The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has initiated the construction of model houses across various
districts to assist families who were severely affected by last year’s monsoon floods. The Red Crescent has
aimed to build 5000 model houses across the flood-affected areas of the country with the support of
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), Red Cross Red Crescent
Movement partners and other potential donors. The foundation stone laying ceremony for the first model house
took place in the village of Badal Khan Brohi in Larkana. During the ceremony, Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid
Ahmed Laghari inaugurated the model house, which was equipped with essential household and hygiene items,
and handed over the key to Sitta Bibi, a widow and mother of five children who lost her home in the devastating
floods. On this occasion, PRCS Chairman also announced the support of PKR 1.5 million for the capacity building
and smooth operations of district branch Larkana. This event signifies a tangible step towards addressing the hardships
faced by flood victims and offering them genuine support. The torrential rains in July and August of last year
resulted in destructive floods that affected a significant portion of the country, causing extensive damage to properties,
infrastructure, crops, orchards, and transportation systems. Speaking at the occasion, Sardar Shahid Ahmed
Laghari stated that since July 2022, PRCS has been actively responding to the aftermath of the unprecedented
monsoon floods in 55 districts across the country. Their actions have encompassed rescue operations, the provision
of relief supplies, and facilitation of rehabilitation efforts. He expressed pride in the collaborative partners and
national societies that have enabled PRCS to assist 2.7 million individuals in need, accounting for more than 10%
of the total affected population. Speaking on this occasion, Chairman PRCS Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari highlighted
the urgent focus on constructing model houses for families affected by the devastating floods.
He explained that PRCS is providing a new type of shelter house, consisting of two rooms, a kitchen, and a washroom,
to families who lost their homes during last year’s floods. These model houses, costing approximately PKR
1.5 million each, have been built using PRCS’s own resources. They embody the “Building Back Better” concept,
aiming to improve resilience during the recovery phase. PRCS aims to construct 5,000 model houses, with support
from IFRC for 40 shelter houses. Discussions are ongoing with IFRC, movement partners, and other potential
donors to secure further support. Additionally, talks have already taken place with Qatar Red Crescent to construct
2,000 model houses for families affected by the floods. Sardar Shahid Ahmed expressed his prayers for the
successful assistance of all affected individuals, including flood victims, in overcoming their sorrows and challenges.
He extended heartfelt gratitude to movement partners, national societies, and donors for their unwavering
support. Secretary General PRCS Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, Assistant Commissioner Rato Dero Ghous Bakash
Jatoi, Chairman PRCS Larkana Branch Ahmed Mehmood Farouqi, representatives from the German Red
Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and IFRC, PRCS officers, volunteers, and members of the community attended
the ceremony.
Media & Communication Department-Pakistan Red Crescent Society

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