Iranian Ambassador Highlights Humanitarian Collaboration in Meeting with PRCS Chairman 

Both leaders deliberated on exploring opportunities for collaboration, fostering communication, executing joint initiatives, and recognizing the importance of strong public health infrastructure in aiding communities with limited resources, in line with the Red Crescent’s mission. The PRCS demonstrated a strong eagerness to provide services such as first aid, vaccinations, reuniting families, and other essential health interventions at the Pak-Iran border. 

[Islamabad, 24th February 2024]- Dr. Reza Amiri, the Ambassador of Iran to Pakistan, reaffirmed the crucial importance of humanitarian service, expressing a steadfast dedication to advancing humanitarian efforts in Pakistan through cooperation with the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). In a meeting held at the PRCS National Headquarters, Dr. Amiri and the Chairman of the Red Crescent, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, emphasized the significance of joint efforts in improving public health services across Pakistan. 

He highlighted PRCS’s advancement under the dynamic and forward-thinking leadership of Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, affirming Iran’s eagerness to contribute to public health infrastructure. He underscored the potential for setting exemplary precedents in the realms of education and healthcare. 

Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, while conversing with Iranian Ambassador Dr. Reza Amiri, emphasized the importance of Iran’s participation in public health projects and the provision of dialysis facilities for individuals afflicted with kidney diseases. Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari expressed gratitude to the Iranian Red Crescent for sending relief supplies to the flood-affected individuals in Balochistan. He stressed the urgency of cooperation from Iran in training and enhancing the skills of medical professionals.  

The discussions also emphasized the need for cooperation in training and enhancing the capabilities of medical personnel, particularly in addressing common diseases. Both leaders discussed the significance of robust public health infrastructure in benefiting communities with limited capabilities. 

Dr. Amiri commended the humanitarian aid extended by the Pakistan Red Crescent to flood victims and conveyed assurance in pursuing continued collaboration with the organization. Both leaders articulated shared interest in extending healthcare amenities to travelers across the Pakistan-Iran border, covering a stretch of around 900 kilometers. Additionally, PRCS exhibited a keen inclination to offer services in first aid, vaccination, restoring family links, and other pertinent health interventions at the Pak-Iran border. 

The meeting also explored opportunities for cooperation and partnership between the Iranian Red Crescent, the Pakistan Red Crescent, and other humanitarian organizations in Iran. Dr. Amiri received briefings on various sectors during his visit, alongside Secretary General Abidullah Khan and other officials.  

The meeting concluded with discussions on opening new avenues of cooperation, promoting contact, and implementing joint programs to fulfill the mandate of the Red Crescent. Both leaders also discussed improving visa and transportation facilities for tourist and religious delegations. Chairman Laghari presented Dr. Reza Amiri with a commemorative shield and souvenir as tokens of appreciation. 

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