Participants of the 35th Senior Management Course of NIM Visit PRCS National Headquarters

Islamabad– [25th April,2024]– A delegation comprising 21 members of the 35th Senior Management Course (SMC) of the National Institute of Management (NIM), Islamabad, paid a visit to the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) National Headquarters on Thursday as part of their local visit and field research course.

The event, held at the PRCS National Headquarters, was attended by esteemed dignitaries including the Chairman of PRCS, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, Member of PRCS Managing Body & Treasurer, Dr. Irshad Muhammad, Brigadier (R) Abdul Hadi, Secretary General, Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, and PRCS staff. During the visit, the SMC officers received a comprehensive briefing on PRCS mandate, history, functions, and scope of work.

Addressing the delegation, Chairman PRCS, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, commended the officers for their commitment to national development. He highlighted Red Crescent’s significant contributions, particularly during times of adversity such as the monsoon floods of 2022, where PRCS provided relief to over 2.8 million individuals across 55 districts.

He told the senior management officers to back PRCS in their responsibilities during decision-making processes and to advocate for the National Society and its crucial humanitarian mission. “We eagerly anticipate your invaluable contributions to strengthening PRCS, as you persistently support its humanitarian efforts in service to humanity,” the Chairman emphasized.

Head of the SMC delegation, Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Bajwa, stated that after thorough evaluation, we have chosen PRCS as the focus of our field research, recognizing its extensive humanitarian efforts and achievements. He expressed admiration for PRCS humanitarian work and its impact on society. He confirmed that PRCS is in capable hands, guided by the dynamic leadership of Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari.

During the visit, Secretary General Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, provided a comprehensive overview of PRCS mandate and functions, as well as the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement. He noted that under the leadership of Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed, PRCS has broadened its program outreach and enhanced transparency and accountability in its operations and functions.

At the conclusion of the event, as a gesture of appreciation, Chairman Laghari presented shields to the SMC delegation, reciprocated by Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Bajwa presenting a memento to Chairman Laghari. The delegation also toured the Regional Blood Donor Center at PRCS NHQ, commending PRCS’s efforts in the field of blood donation.

In a symbolic gesture, Chairman Laghari conducted a badge pinning ceremony, where all members of the SMC delegation were pinned with PRCS badges, signifying their commitment to the humanitarian cause. Additionally, all members of the SMC registered themselves as volunteers of PRCS, further strengthening the partnership between PRCS and civil officers.

The visit concluded with Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Bajwa penning his impressions in the visitor’s book at the Library, marking the memorable occasion.

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