PRCS Strengthens Collaborative Efforts with United Nations to Advance Humanitarian Mission

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mohamed Yahya, praised the humanitarian initiatives of PRCS under the leadership of Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari since assuming the role. He acknowledged their commitment to aiding the vulnerable, especially during crises, highlighting the significance of enhancing partnerships between UN entities and PRCS by aligning programs.

ISLAMABAD- [29th April, 2024]: Chairman Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Lagahri, held a significant meeting with His Excellency United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Mohamed Yahya, at the UN office here on Monday. The meeting marked a pivotal moment in the collaboration between PRCS and the United Nations, reaffirming their shared commitment to alleviating human suffering and advancing humanitarian efforts.

Chairman Laghari congratulated Mohamed Yahya on assuming his new role as the UN Resident Coordinator in Pakistan, emphasizing it as a milestone in the partnership between PRCS and the United Nations. The discussions at the meeting revolved around matters of mutual interest, particularly focusing on resilience building in communities and effective coordination through collaboration between UN entities and PRCS programs.He also highlighted the PRCS program collaboration with partner organization including, IFRC ,ICRC, NorCross, German Red Cross,Turkish Red Crescent and different national societies.

In attendance were PRCS Secretary General, Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, and UN OCHA Head of Office, Carlos Geha, providing a comprehensive platform for dialogue and collaboration. Chairman Laghari provided insights into the ongoing programs and projects of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society, highlighting the historic PRCS monsoon floods 2022 and the ongoing recovery efforts.

With PRCS boasting the largest volunteer base in the country, Chairman Laghari emphasized the organization’s dedication to serving humanity. He underscored the importance of strengthening partnerships between UN entities and PRCS aligning programs and projects focusing on Disaster Response and Preparedness, Healthcare, Food Security, Water and Sanitation, Gender Equality,

Volunteer Engagement, Child Protection, Climate Resilience, Innovation & Technology, and Capacity Building.

He lauded PRCS humanitarian efforts spearheaded by Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, in extending aid to the vulnerable, particularly amid crises. Emphasizing the imperative of collaborative efforts in fortifying community resilience, he voiced a keenness to investigate opportunities for cooperation and exchange of insights and proficiency concerning Search & Rescue and Contingency Planning for disaster preparedness. Yahya underscored the pivotal roles both organizations play in confronting the challenges of climate change and its repercussions.

Mohamed Yahya and UN OCHA Head of Office Carlos Geha pledged to visit the PRCS National Headquarters in the coming days, further solidifying the partnership.

Concluding the meeting, Chairman Laghari presented a commemorative souvenir and PRCS book highlighting the PRCS achievements under the leadership of Chairman Laghari to UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Mohamed Yahya, symbolizing the spirit of humanitarian collaboration between PRCS and the United Nations.

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