PRCS’s Humanitarian Excellence Recognized at Saudi Emergency Medical Services Conference

A Showcase of Global Collaboration in Emergency Medical Response

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia-In a testament to its commitment to global humanitarian efforts, the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) actively participated in the Saudi Emergency Medical Services (SMES) Conference hosted by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Riyadh during September. The event, which brought together approximately 190 national societies and various relief organizations globally, underscored the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s pioneering role in emergency medical services and celebrated the 90-year journey of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority.

Aligned with the transformative Vision 2030 and healthcare initiatives, the conference served as a platform for leadership, knowledge sharing, and advancements in the emergency medical services sector. It demonstrated a commitment to quality healthcare and community engagement, reflecting the evolving landscape of emergency response.

PRCS was represented at the conference by Honorable Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari and Secretary General Muhammad Abaidullhah Khan. Chairman Laghari actively engaged in discussion sessions focusing on critical topics such as first aid and health priorities in the Asia-Pacific region, crisis and disaster response mechanisms, and strategies for extending health services to remote areas and specific target groups. PRCS’s dedication to excellence was further showcased as its abstract secured a place among the presentations from 192 national societies.

During the conference, Chairman Laghari delivered a comprehensive address, providing insights into PRCS’s emergency medical response and health interventions during the Floods of 2022 across Pakistan. He emphasized the significant deployment of health services in the flood-affected Sindh region, highlighting the ongoing efforts of dedicated health teams in assisting communities and saving lives even a year later.

The highlight of the conference for PRCS was the recognition of Chairman Laghari’s exceptional contributions to humanitarian causes. Prince Abdullah bin Faisal Al Saud and Yousef M. Alsofayan, key figures at the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, presented an award to Chairman Laghari, acknowledging his unwavering

dedication, particularly during the 2022 flood crisis. This gesture not only honored PRCS but also exemplified the spirit of collaboration in addressing global humanitarian challenges.

In a reciprocal act of appreciation, Chairman Laghari presented a commemorative shield to Dr. Jalal bin Mohammed Al Owaisi, President of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority. This gesture was a heartfelt acknowledgment of Dr. Al Owaisi’s remarkable commitment to humanitarian causes and further strengthened the bonds of collaboration between the two organizations.

The SMES Conference was not merely a gathering of nations but a platform where leaders, including Chairman Laghari, interacted with high dignitaries and heads of different National Societies. This exchange of ideas and experiences reinforced the importance of global collaboration in achieving effective emergency medical responses.

As the conference concluded, PRCS emerged not only as an active participant but as a symbol of Pakistan’s commitment to international humanitarian efforts. The recognition bestowed upon Chairman Laghari underscored PRCS’s dedication to providing critical support in times of crisis, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of global emergency medical services.

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