PRCS organizes National Road Safety Conference to address growing traffic challenges in Pakistan

[Islamabad, December 22nd, 2023] – The Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), in collaboration with the International Federation of the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and with the support of the Italian Red Cross, successfully organized the National Road Safety Conference 2023 at the PRCS National Headquarters in Islamabad.

The event brought together distinguished guests, including PRCS leadership and management, Chairmen and Secretaries of PRCS Provincial branches, Head of Delegations from IFRC, ICRC, and National Societies, officers from Islamabad Traffic Police, National Highway & Motorway Police, PRCS staff, volunteers, and students from various private and government educational institutions in Islamabad.

Chairman PRCS, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, addressed the assembly, recognizing that despite Pakistan’s abundant beauty and resilience, the country has grappled with significant road accidents and traffic challenges for years. Pakistan faces one of the highest rates of road accidents globally, resulting in the tragic loss of thousands of lives annually.

Chairman Laghari underscored PRCS’s dedication to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and implementing effective strategies to mitigate the consequences of road accidents. He described the conference as a dynamic platform for experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and develop innovative solutions. He urged the youth to prioritize road safety measures, amplify public awareness, and implement policies that prioritize the well-being of every road user.

Piwi Ophoff, Head of Country Delegation, IFRC in Pakistan said, “The IFRC is supporting PRCS in the implementation of road safety project to strengthen safer road behaviors and first aid knowledge among the general public. Awareness is being raised through structured modules among children from 10-18 years and targeting schools, youth, teachers, PRCS project staff, and volunteers. Our commitment extends to backing the project’s second phase in 2024, with the goal of continuing to advance road safety in Pakistan.”

PRCS Member Managing Body and Treasurer Dr. Irshad Mehmood emphasized the importance of upholding traffic rules and urged everyone to play their role in raising public awareness about road safety measures.

Secretary General PRCS, Muhammad Abaidullah Khan, highlighted PRCS’s Road Safety Project in his opening remarks, outlining the essential training and awareness provided in 25 schools and activities in collaboration with the traffic police department in Islamabad. He expressed concern over the alarming rise in road accidents in the country and stressed the importance of adopting road safety rules.

During the event, a documentary showcased the achievements of the PRCS Road Safety Project, sensitizing the public to road safety measures. Students from the Educator School Islamabad performed a tableau, emphasizing the need to follow road safety laws.

In conclusion, Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, along with the members of PRCS Managing Body and Heads of National Societies, distributed shields among the officers of ITP and NHMP who collaborated with PRCS under the Road Safety Project. Shields were also distributed among the representatives of private and government schools.

The National Road Safety Conference 2023 represents a significant step towards creating a safer road environment in Pakistan. PRCS remains dedicated to ongoing efforts to reduce road accidents and protect the lives of its citizens.

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